Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ever Wonder. Ask questions and live into the answers.

What do you pack to pursue a dream and 
what do you leave behind?

What do I dream about? What is my destiny? I think that is the first question with a quote like this . . . 
        I dream about being a wife and a mother, cooking and nurturing mine and others bodies, being a successful Naturopath, a releaser of Jesus in strength and power to see peoples lives transformed, making beautiful clothes, being creative, leading others into intimacy and revelation with Jesus.

So what do I pack to pursue these dreams?
- A wife : well a husband would help, but I can continue to learn to honor men and respect them, I can learn from wives that inspire me, I can work on any relationship I already have in my life now, I can be declaring the promises of God over my marriage . . . so I'll take a humble heart, a passionate heart and a free heart (help me Jesus), I'll leave behind fear, comparison, judgement and jealousy.
- A mother : this one I'm just excited about so I'll take that, great excitement and anticipation
- Cooking and nurturing the body : okay . . . so I feel like for the past few weeks I have eaten bread, pasta and chocolate, so I most certainly can pursue this one a lot better.  I'll take some self respect for my body and what I'm putting into it, I'll leave behind a lazy / lethargic attitude towards health, I'll take some passion to share health with others.
- Being a successful naturopath : I'll take a committed mindset to learn, and God given cognition enhancement, I'll take a willing and an open heart, I'll take the Holy Spirit and his wisdom in this area, I'll take a peaceful mind that doesn't tire of learning, I won't take procrastination, or tiredness
- A releaser of Jesus : I will look to him when I am around people and when I am alone, I'll take intimacy, secret place, love beyond imagination, sensitivity and obedience to the spirit, I will take a heart of courage and risk, I'll leave behind striving, my own works, timidity.
- Making beautiful clothes and being creative : i will JUST DO IT :) , leave behind NOT DOING IT :)
- Intimacy and revelation : sensitivity and relationship with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, this I will take and their light and off I will go :)

Ahhhs it's all part of the adventure :) 

I've been on a few hikes lately and I am learning each hike what to pack and what to leave behind and what to take just because you want it even if it will make the pack heavier.  The first big hike I went on I took all the wrong stuff, wrong pack, wrong food, too much 'stuff' and my back and bones suffered but I still had a great time.  The next hike I went on I took a great pack, less food and the right food, less clothes but I took a pillow :) best decision of my life and still had a great time.  We live and we learn and we take joy with us in the ups and downs and bruises and blisters.

Love God. Love Life. Love Now.
Take Risks.  Make Mistakes.  
God Loves it all :)

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