Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Land of the Living!

I am studying Natural Medicine to become a qualified Naturopath.  Why? to make lots of money, to have a career, to feel important, to see people live in the most ultimate health possible?  to see healing from natural nutrients and minerals, herbs, food?  to see light come back into peoples eyes because their depression is gone? I imagine myself in the mountains , living on land, where the trees are strong, the grass is green and thick, the sun shines and my veggie and herb garden is full, where people come and visit me, where i am full of joy because i am doing what i love, living as a person that honours her body and those around her.  I don't want to just live, i want to live excellently and be an example of life to those around me.  I had a prophetic word last year about bringing people into the land of the living, ahhhhhh what a great word for me, so encouraged me.  BRING PEOPLE INTO THE LAND OF THE LIVING!