Monday, May 16, 2011

Are the roots exposed?

"My heart is wide open in my eyes, to this I see truth."

When you think of a plant you think about its beautiful flowers, or leaves or the fragrance it gives off, the fruit that it yields, what you don't often think about are the roots of that plant.  They are unseen, hidden, underground, they are the reason the plant has life and can stand.

My friend challenged me recently, 

"How visible are your roots?"

This meant, How vulnerable are you in your life, your relationships? How open is your heart to those around you? How much do you let others see of you? and who you really are? 

You see Jesus is talking to me about Intimacy with him and isn't this what intimacy looks like, vulnerable, open, in love, safe and taking that intimacy to others and isn't that what it looks like vulnerable, open, in love and safe? 

So this is my challenge again and further more, 
celebrate intimacy and expose the roots!

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