Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some new fun places to visit!!!

Make good food a value in life long pursuit!

So i want to win this amazing cook book so that i can continue to nourish myself and those around me with yummy goodness and this book looks AMAZING!!! did i mention that ;)

It's called the SPUNKY COCONUT COOKBOOK by the AmAzInG Kelly B....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today is going to be a magnificent day! The sun is shining and I have a day full of "things to do" so its going to be fun and productive. I also have prophetic group tonight so that is great!

I am in the middle of writting a prophetic word at the moment for someone because it was part of our homework and theres a song that i want to give so i am trying to get the lyric while to song is playing which is a little bit difficult cause its a fast song . ;)

Have i mentioned that I love my family so much, they are so great. At the moment my mum is in Thailand being amazing!

I made Banana Coconut Ice-cream last night, hope it tastes good ;)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ain't love grand!


Love is always good.
Love makes you smile and gives you rosey cheeks.
Love is holding hands.
Love is grandmas cooking and grandpas hugs.
Love is sunshine and rainy days.
Love is my dogs yawn everymorning and night.
Love is friends and good food.
Love comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Peace is freedom!
Peace is joy!
Peace is the wind!
Peace is the smell of spring!
Peace is laughter!
Peace is blue!
Peace is refreshing!
Peace is that sigh at the end of a beautiful day!
Peace is herbs growing in the garden!
Peace is a baby sleeping in your arms!

Joy is alive!
Joy dances!
Joy is sweet!
Joy always smiles on the inside!
Joy is real!
Joy is truth!
Joy is yellow daisies!
Joy is belly laughs!

And Jesus came that we might have life and life in abundance, a life filled ultimately with Love! that brings Peace! thats full of Joy! That our faith may increase, even more, even now! The world awaits...


Friday, October 15, 2010


Tonight I went to a ballet class for the first time. I have been wanting to go for years and year and years and so I just bit the bullet and off I went. I really enjoyed it. I danced and pranced and bobbed and jigged.. well gracefullt of course. So i am going to go every Friday night to ballet class and prance around with all the other people in my class :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have decided that hope is a beautiful thing. I think it is my word for this time in my life, whatever this time may be.. i choose hope. Or maybe hope ;) has chosen me. Ahhhh I feel the love just saying that. I say it outloud and it makes me giggle. "HOPE HAS CHOSEN ME".

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but hope restored, birthed, caught, desired, revealed, awakened, seen... hope is the tree of life. Hope brings life with it and anticipation, like that feeling you get when you're a kid and it's christmas eve.. i still kinda get that feeling.

My experience with hope recently has been one of restoration, restoring those dreams and desires that had been lost, pushed aside, pushed back, forgotten, denied, I can feel hope returning an it's bring dreams, passions, imagination, smiles and so much life with it.

Hope in the dictionary is defined as :
"A belief in a positive outcome related to events or circumstances in ones life."
"A feeling that what is wanted can be had"
"Events will turn out fo the best"
"To look forward to and desire with reasonable confidence"
"To feel that something desired may happen"

To look forward, to look into the future and beleive and trust that the best is yet to come. It says don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself, hope is different than this, hope looks forward in anticipation, trust and faith. Hope brings life, not stress.

Jesus i am thankful for hope that is awakened in all of us.
You are the hope of glory, the hope of life, the hope of greater things yet to come.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Light Comes Rushing In!

I am reading Eat Pray Love at the moment and I am really enjoying it. Some people find it quite contriversial and that's okay, each to thier own!

It has got me thinking about Monks, Buddhists, Spiritual Leaders, men and women that are searching and simply existing in a state inferior to the life Jesus has declared over us. It made me think, when we have a revelation of the truth it shatters the lies, instantly everything changes, the way you think, feel, act, live life because no longer are you lost in the lies, suddenly life becomes a new existence and you fall deeper in love with Jesus. So i was thinking the truth sets people free, freedom changes everything and Jesus becomes the focus because there is no greater truth!


Sunday, October 3, 2010


today was warm, warm like a summers days. i was blessed to have the annointed Brian and Jenn J here in melbourne leading us it such such beautiful worship. i felt the presence of the Lord so beautiful and so full, he filled the air.

today i have drunk apple cider vinegar, lemon water, herbs, ginger tea, green tea, water. just trying to get all sorts of goodness into me.

thankyou lord for your great heeart that so fills me. you are my joy!

tomoorrow starts a new fresh, exciting, blessed week. thankyou jesus for all that is to come.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Today was a beautiful day! i laughed all the way home from work cause farmer joe and is tractor was driving sooooo slow and for some reason (joy) i thought it was so funny, may have had something to do with the fact that his tractor was called, "Challenger!!"

Day Two of sugar free and kicking it baby! i am loving all this yummy food i have been eating, so not tired of it yet. So i made polenta yesterday and hmmm not so successful but I will try again.
I watched Avatar with the lovely Rachy tonight and I really liked it. When he united with his bird, just made me think of me and the Holy Spirit. When i am not intune with the Holy Spirit we are moving seperately and i am out of control here, there and everywhere but when i attune myself to him straight away, in an instance we are moving together, smoothly and beautifully. i liiked that bit. his thoughts moved the holy spirit

anyways off to bed
sleeping sweetly with dreams from heaven


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monday Start!

I'll start that new diet on monday, i'll start exercising on monday, i'll drink less coffee on monday, i'll go to bed earlier on monday, i'll cut down on the sugar on monday, i'll fly to the moon on Monday.....

Well it's not monday.. but it is Thursday and today i start a 40 day NO sugar. So i got out my cookbooks and have been reading up on how to make hommus and tofu cheesecake... trust me the food all sounds much better and yummier than that.

So... DAY ONE!... here we go!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


They come for a reason, not to entertain us. I get excited when i see feathers, one day when i saw a feather i stopped and asked the Holy Spirit what they Angels were here for. They come for a reason. And sure enough he revealed why they were here and it played out later that day. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and not ignoring the signs, for me is feathers sometimes where i will see one drop right before a significant experience, or situation. If I make the time to stop and turn my ear to the Holy Spirit cause he is wanting us to join with the angels and with him and the angels want to join with us. I am learning that those that inspire me all have a common story, they spent time in the secret place with the father growing in intimacy and from there walk out into thier destiny. I am on a journey of soaking, i want to be in the presence of God. I feel a shift happening.. a shaking.. ;))) i'll keep this thing posted!

rest. peace. intimacy. love. joy. shalom!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


i love Audrey Hepburn. I think she is so beautiful and I love her movies and her characters. I have several of her books talking about her life :)

Today i woke up and the sun was shinning and its abit cloudy so i don't know if that means it will get really cloudy and rain or if the sun will come out... either way its going to be a great day.

my dog is sitting right next to me with his feet under my arm chewing on a ball :) he's so cute. he always has a ball with him wherever he goes.

Morning brings light as night must fade
Light brings growth which replaces the shame
Growth brings strength to walk away from all pain
And Strength is our Peace because it lights the way.

"This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

I just heard the phone ring and I thought, oh no that might be work asking me to come in. But alas... no it wasn't. :) Everything is 11 to me at the moment, 1:11, 11 hours, 11 emails, 11 degrees, 11 dollars. 11 is said to mean transition and so i had this thought the other day that maybe 11 ... 2011 will be a year of fulfilled promises, those things that people have been ''transitioning'' into will come to pass in 2011. God is good all the time, this I know.
A Little Story
It was a sunny day , i was just arriving in this small town called Stonewood, it was just north of Charlestown. Did I mention it was sunny and blistery hot. You see I'm from New York. I'd been ''invited'' to visit our family, i say ''invited'' because it was more like forced. I was the youngest and all my older brothers had long moved out of home and my parents were, well they were intellectuals and ran a very important business in New York so they thought it would be fun if I spent the summer with our family. Suddenly they were our family, these people that I had never met, or even heard of. Why they agreed to take me I was still to find out, I didn't even know what they looked like but I guess I was about to find out.
Because of the size Stonewood, population 625, there was no planes that flew in so my journey here from New York looked something like this... plane out of New York to Charlestown, then bus 3 hours to some place then train 2 hours to Stonewood. So when I got off the train I was smothered in hot wind and the stench of coal, I looked out at the faces waiting, and suddenly thought, "How do they even know what I look like." i just wanted to shrink back onto the train and dissapear, but all the pushing and shoving from the people behind me was making my little day dream near impossible. I'd been told that my Uncle Simeon and Aunt Catherine would be waiting for me but there were about 15 people that could be Uncle Simeone and Aunt Catherine. So I just decided that I would just keep moving and go and collect my bags and they might find me there. I made my way into the baggage claim area and just waited, secretly hoping this was just a bad dream and that I would soon wake up back in my bed in New York, why had I agreed to this? "Eliza McGregor, sweet girl, my how you've grown, you're a little lady now." I turned to see two strangers smiling at me, they walked up and both gave me a big hug. There faces were warm and friendly, I was so tired that to see their faces made something inside me just relax. I smiled back and told them it was nice to meet them. We got my stuff and were on our way, they informed me they lived out abit from the town so we had about a 40 minute drive. More travelling I thought, but I didn't mind aslong as their car had airconditioning.
So that last thought about airconditioning, who was i kidding, we are in the middle of nowhere, why would they have airconditioning, they opened all the windows and let the hot wind blow.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


this to me looks like it could tell a story...sooo.. maybe i will write a story ???? :)
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Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Monday! a new week, never the same... sometimes always the same but nonetheless new. early morning drive, petrol light, 8 dollars... sometimes you just have to sing as loud as you can and smile as big as your cheeks will allow. i think my heart just needs to smile every now and again to remember that life is worth smiling about, there is beauty everywhere, creativity is calling my name. Gods love is still strong and sturdy. My great friend is staying with me for two weeks because my parents have ventured off into the unknown. i like having her around. it's cold today, i woke up and it felt like spring, but today it is cold. this picture was taken when i went on a day trip with my mum to the mountains, we had a great adventure and took the road less travelled. Enjoy the light, the shadow, the rain, the storm and the still... Gods in the midst, he will never let you fall!
until next time....
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smile and fresh air! my love...

Today. sunshine, tweeting birds. smiles. fresh breeze. open windows. red eye ;(. tomorrow is going to be my most productive day yet. i am going to get up and take the doggy for a walk which will be good for me also, and then i will shower and read the bible which is also good for me, surrounds me with his presence. and then i will go to work and then come home and study study study and by golld george it will be SO productvie and then i will go to work and then i will come home and study some more and then FRIDAY i will do my EXAm. thankyou Jesus. you are the God of impossibilities and iCAN be productive!!! ;))))

Blessings over the earth and your creation!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

new day

woke up and it was cloudy this morning. my stomach is grumbling cause it's hungry, lani is sitting next to me cause she was throwing up in the night, we are watching seasame street. funny. today i hope to get through a good chunk of my assignment which is due really soon after ben and britt leave. so the more i can get done today the better. i was planning on doing some yesterday but that didn't happen cause my friend came and hung out, which was a much nicer way to spend the day. lani likes this show, her face becomes a big smile while she watches it.

blessings on this day. this is going to be a great day, great week, great year. i'm looking forward to getting to the end of the year and having all these stories to share from my year. i hope that i remember to record them, i love reading over them. i think i will start a new journal soon, i haven't finished the old one but i am sick of writting in it, it's a new year and i want to start a new journal. that would be fun. i love journals.

i wrote this line the other day, 'VALUE THE VALUABLE' i think it is a great line, if you value something how are you showing that thing / person that you value them, or are you showing them at all?

side note : i have been on ben, my brothers computer and i haven't been able to figure out how to use the shift key and just now i remembered that it was broken so now i can do things like this with the other shift ket @"? all of these require a shift key :)

well blessings for this day. i'm out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


early morning, laZY lay in bed, full cooked breakfast with the family, clean up, family arrives, eat, chat, play, laugh, eat, eat, eat, tired, eat, watch Borne, eat. I have felt really tired these last couple of days, think i am in need of an early night and some quality time. :) i listened to funny songs this morning like Singing in the rain, Good morning, mary poppins, frank sinatra... makes me feel alive. Lani and I had fun this morning :) i love having thier smiles and giggles around.
choices, everyday faced with choices, what to choose. i think i want to put a dream list for 2010 on my wall to remind me what i am aiming for, what i am moving toward, what i dream for this year, i figure if i write it here i will remember at some stage to do it. i forget things easily which i don;t like.

"Put value on the valuable"

Bonne nuit!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


i have school work to do, walks to take, floors to wash, family to visit with, dogs to feed, teeth to clean and my dog to wash because by golly george he stinks so bad, he's sitting by me sleeping while i watch this movie and he stinks so bad.
choice, what choices will i make this week, where will they lead me, what will they discover, what will they awaken, who will they meet. choices, they wait for us wondering which path we will choose. audrey hepburn, she is beautiful. and elegant. and beautiful. i hear she's sweet. that is the word. i know what that means.

"la vie en rose" look at the world through rose colored glasses. look through the fragrant beauty of creativity of God and imagine what we could see.

Look. choose. life will find you.

new day

what i have learnt over my lifetime really is a jewel. why do i forget this so often.if you focus too closley on the rock you will miss the diamond. if you look too closely at the shell you will miss the pearl. if you gaze to widely into the sky you may miss the stars. if you waist time you may miss the moment.

"I hate girls that giggle all the time" -Audrey Hepburn (Sabrina), i am watching this movie and i just heard these girls giggling outside and thought this very thing that then i heard this line, it made me giggle ;)

tomorrow we are going to the Botanical Gardens. one of my favorite places. i've enjoyed the quiet this evening.