Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Monday! a new week, never the same... sometimes always the same but nonetheless new. early morning drive, petrol light, 8 dollars... sometimes you just have to sing as loud as you can and smile as big as your cheeks will allow. i think my heart just needs to smile every now and again to remember that life is worth smiling about, there is beauty everywhere, creativity is calling my name. Gods love is still strong and sturdy. My great friend is staying with me for two weeks because my parents have ventured off into the unknown. i like having her around. it's cold today, i woke up and it felt like spring, but today it is cold. this picture was taken when i went on a day trip with my mum to the mountains, we had a great adventure and took the road less travelled. Enjoy the light, the shadow, the rain, the storm and the still... Gods in the midst, he will never let you fall!
until next time....
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