Saturday, September 24, 2011


"When I don't understand, I will choose you, 
When I don't understand I get to choose you God, 
When I don't understand I get to choose to love you, to worship you, 
For you are good, God, good to me"
- B & K Torwalt

I love this part of the song, it talks about breathing God in.  Just breathe.  Just breathe in all of who God is, breathe in all of his goodness, all of his love.  He is the living God, the LIVING God, so real, so true, so close, so present, so aware, so free, so complete, God.

God, much greater, much stronger, much free'er than I will ever know. I intend to search this out.  God's goodness abounds, Gods mercy is new every morning, Gods love never fails, Gods eyes are always on us, looking, watching, waiting, preparing ;)