Thursday, April 16, 2009

after dinner mints...

so i made dinner and it was a flop.  no good at all. it tasted awful and i don't often say that about my cooking.  now i just want something yummy for dessert..hmmm what to have? i feel like crepes with lemon and sugar, or lemon meringue pie.... that would be  great


Can you believe that it is already 2009. i know kinda a common statement, but I am shocked! where did the last 5 year of my life go. well i am making dinner tonight. i have had the crockpot going all day and i am making mexican with the meat that i have been cooking. it is really tender and yum!

i have studied all day today.. well actually that isn't true, i have studied all week and today i didn't go so well with my study. i have an exam on monday for biology and i am tired of studying but i have had a good day. it felt productive, even if not as productive as i would have liked it to be. i called a lady where i live today about a job i thought she was going to give me and it turns out she gave it to someone else.. so bummed,

i need to exercise more!!! if i write it here it might constantly remind..

k.. off to make dinner i am hungry


i am new to this whole blogging thing but I love to write so i don't know why i haven't done this before. i am a girl that lives in a country far far away, i live in Australia. it's a beautiful place to live.

i dream of going to France one day. i find it so romantic and beautiful and wonderful... not that i have ever been there, just the idea of it and something about it seems to draw me in. i wonder what i will find there when i visit one day. i'm sure it will be an adventure.

i look forward to where this blog might take me, = simply a place where i can come and write

till then...