Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31st 2011

We are one month into this 2011. Today i had a really great day and really enjoyed just being today. I listened to some of the Wellness Seminar that Beni put on and it just encourages and inspires me so I am going to listen to the rest and take notes i think, i also was thinking i should do my own little videos about health because i think talking out loud about it will help me learn. anyways thats enough for tonight. Blessings and Peace!
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


"A woman without a vision will always return to her past." DreaM! what dreams do you have. It is my goal this month to look into dreams of old and discover some new dreams that will draw me into this new year of 2011. God is always faithful. And as Forest says .. "Life is like a box of chocolates .... "
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Monday, January 10, 2011


We have been blessed with rain and the dams are full! The drought is over. Thankyou Jesus!
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gently peaceful!

Next week i have my herbal exam and so today i did some study for it and it wasn't that much fun. quite overwhelming. I am going to make banana ice-cream soon, that will make it better ;)
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Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3rd 2011

Today these two goofs worked hard in the garden, ate dinner and then watched Bourne ;). This is my dad and my Uncle Wayne. Funny guys! Cheesy smiles :) My mum and Auntie have taken off to the farm for a couple of days so these two fellas hung out for a little. Twas a good night ;)
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January 2nd 2011

This photo was taken in Middle Park on Beaconsfield Parade. It was early morning walk and the sun was coming up and it was lovely.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 1st 2011 - Picture a day!

This picture was taken at Albert Park on sunset. I was with Liz on a walk that was quite long but very beautiful. The clouds looked amazing! all pink and fluffy. 2011, new year, new decade, new.. :) Can't wait!

New Year, New Decade, I'm Excited!

So we are now in 2011. I am excited and have expectation for this year. I can feel it in my bones that it's gonna be a good one. It's my year. Im looking forward to the end of the year and all the stories that I can share with you. Today at church we were challenged to dedicate to the Lord this year to immerse ourselves in his presence, to live from his presence, to share him freely as the spirit leads to those around us to see his love and his freedom transforming where we are.

This reminds me of stories that I have heard, heres a few just to inspire and encourage.

The man who became a christian and felt the Lord ask him to share the gospel with 10 people everyday so he would stand on the streets of Sydney with a pamphlet about heaven and Jesus and ask people if they knew whether they were going to heaven or hell when they die and give them the pamphlet and he did this everyday for 40 years and if he missed a day he would do double the next day. He NEVER heard back from anyone about how this step had impacted thier lives but the story of this man was moving across the earth, people all over the world had been impacted by his obediance to the Lord and a week or two before he passed away a young pastor that had been meeting all these people all over the world who had come to know Jesus because of this man was able to share some of the stories with him. Can you imagine the homecoming in heaven this man had and the treasures that he stored up. Amazing. For all those years he remained obediant even though he never heard back from anyone. That is faithfullness.

Another story, a lady i know was talking to her brother who is not a christian, she is the only christian in her family and she asked the Lord for a picture / story for the day and while she was talking to her brother she felt the Lord say to share this picture with him while she was on the phone. Her brother already thinks she's abit wacky but she was obediant and did it anyway. He basically laughed at her and that was the end of the conversation. The dream was to do with his heart and she saw all her family at his wedding (he is single and not in any relationship) and everyone was joined together there and it was on an island. A couple days later this lady was relaxing because she had a cold and so she missed a couple calls from her brother and her sister so she called her sister to find out what was going on and her sister said, "I don't know what you said to (brother) but he is freaking out." Turned out that he had a call from a girl on the other side of the world that in the past had been in a seroius relationship with but she now lived with her family on the other side of the world, so out of the blue this girl calls him and says hey we are moving to melbourne, my whole family and me and we are stopping in at Fiji on the way and I would like you to come and meet me and we are going to get married there. So this totally freaked the brother out because this was exactly the dream that his sister had and now this girl had called. So the brother was so desperate to talk to his sister but he couldn't get onto her so he got in his car and drove from sydney to melbourne and during his time in melbourne he gave his heart to the Lord. How amazing is that. It was all because she asked the Lord for a picture and was obediant with what she felt the Lord saying. Amazing!