Tuesday, January 26, 2010


early morning, laZY lay in bed, full cooked breakfast with the family, clean up, family arrives, eat, chat, play, laugh, eat, eat, eat, tired, eat, watch Borne, eat. I have felt really tired these last couple of days, think i am in need of an early night and some quality time. :) i listened to funny songs this morning like Singing in the rain, Good morning, mary poppins, frank sinatra... makes me feel alive. Lani and I had fun this morning :) i love having thier smiles and giggles around.
choices, everyday faced with choices, what to choose. i think i want to put a dream list for 2010 on my wall to remind me what i am aiming for, what i am moving toward, what i dream for this year, i figure if i write it here i will remember at some stage to do it. i forget things easily which i don;t like.

"Put value on the valuable"

Bonne nuit!