Monday, February 28, 2011

1 My heart is glad before you my king, I am at peace with you my greatest friend
2 By my side you are more than a friend, you are everything
3 Tonight you are my comfort, my rest, my encourager
4 Your voice is always good
5 My face is always happy to see you, my heart is glad before you my king.

Friday, February 18, 2011


connection.  the more you know the heart, the more you connect, the more you know the true heart, the more you know the goodness and goes far beyond.  Connection! this is a true gift.  one that i value.  Oh to know the heart, changes everything, really changes everything.

Peace! and Goodnight!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Land of the Living!

I am studying Natural Medicine to become a qualified Naturopath.  Why? to make lots of money, to have a career, to feel important, to see people live in the most ultimate health possible?  to see healing from natural nutrients and minerals, herbs, food?  to see light come back into peoples eyes because their depression is gone? I imagine myself in the mountains , living on land, where the trees are strong, the grass is green and thick, the sun shines and my veggie and herb garden is full, where people come and visit me, where i am full of joy because i am doing what i love, living as a person that honours her body and those around her.  I don't want to just live, i want to live excellently and be an example of life to those around me.  I had a prophetic word last year about bringing people into the land of the living, ahhhhhh what a great word for me, so encouraged me.  BRING PEOPLE INTO THE LAND OF THE LIVING!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The importance of water!

here are some of my notes that i used as this may be beneficial to read. Enjoy!

Dehydration Symptoms :

Tiredness (water is a source of energy in the body), migrane, constipation, muscle cramps, irregular blood pressure, kidney and skin problems (skin is our largest organ), dark urine and strong urin odor,

11 Benefits to drinking water :

1. loose weight – flushes down the by-products of fat breakdown, reduces hunger and has zero calories

2. natural remedy for headaches – headahces and backpain can be associated with dehydration therefore simply staying hydrated can eliminiate these issues

3. Look younger with healthier skin – you look younger when your skin is properly hydrated as it replenishes skin tissue, moisturizes skin and improves skin elasticity

4. Improved Productivity – as the brain is made up of mostly water drinking water helps the brain become more alert and able to concentrate

5. Better exercise – hydrates, fuels and gives energy to improve exercise times as well as regulating temperature

6. Helps in digestion and constipation – water keeps everything moving and raises your metabolis

7. Less cramps and sprains – because joints and muscles are lubricated

8. Less likely to get sick – water helps fight against flu, kidney stones and heart issues, water can strengthen the immune system and flush out toxins

9. Relieves Fatigue – water helps flush out toxins as mentioned above and also if you are dehydrated your heart has to work harder to pump the blood around your body which puts extra strain on your organs and you end up exhausted

10. Improve mood – your body feels good… you feel good. Simple!

11. And finally, reduces the risk of cancer – by flushing out!

Alkalizing your water :

Our bodies are made up of a huge amount of water 70% and our blood 94%, therefore if we are drinking the recommended amount of water (33 x body weight = # mls / day of water) For example I weight 47kg so 3 x 47 = 1.5 mls water / day (which I would probable try and double)

So if we are drinking that much water a day and the water is acidic in nature what is this doing to the environment in our bodies (we want to create an alkaline environment, not acidic, pH more than 7 = alkaline)

Alkalinising our water can be done with water distillers or ionisers but a simple step that can be taken is putting lemon in your water.

Just afew warnings about water :

Don’t drink with a meal as this dilutes the stomach acid and will disrupt digestion

Drinking water late at night can have you up all night needing to go to the bathroom

Plastic bottles and baby bottles contain BPA which can effect endocrine function, therefore when possible use stainless steel or better yet glass.