Thursday, September 22, 2011



If i had one of those big hands that has one finger pointing that they have at sport games I would be wearing one and pointing it at you.

I feel like the Lord has to remind me often, just be you Alyce, I don't need you to look like someone else or think or act or be or anything like someone else, I just need you to be you.  I love you as you and you'll love you as you too.  Oh I think I need this plastered on my forehead so every morning when I look in the mirror I see it and every night when I go to bed I see it and any moment in between.  I see it! 

"What you surround yourself with is what you become!'

 If i surround myself with thoughts of how to do things like someone else, or how to make my life like someone elses then I may very well try and become some else instead of celebrating me and my uniqueness and what makes me me and in that celebrating those around me and what makes them them, not comparing but celebrating.

"To celebrate another is to see the gold in them, to celebrate ourselves is to value the gold in us."

Just letting it be, be as we are, be who we are, be what we are, just letting it be.  I could really wear myself out in the day thinking of all the ways I should try and do things differently because thats how so and so does it, or how I should pray this way because thats how that other so and so does it or how I should wear my clothes this way because in that magazine that so and so did it.  

To wake up in the morning, thanking the Lord for the day and its beauty, looking in the mirror and thanking the Lord for making me me, choosing what to wear and not thinking about what I 'should' wear but rather what I want to wear (sometimes getting dressed takes me so long that I end up yelling at myself in annoyance).  I don't have to have it all together so why do I put such pressure on myself to be so.

I don't need to know the answer to every question, I don't need to fear the unknown, I don't need to feel weak in the midst of people.  I just need to be me, with Jesus, in his presence, having fun, trusting the journey, trusting myself and being full of love mistakes and all :)

Trust the journey and be you!