Thursday, January 28, 2010

new day

woke up and it was cloudy this morning. my stomach is grumbling cause it's hungry, lani is sitting next to me cause she was throwing up in the night, we are watching seasame street. funny. today i hope to get through a good chunk of my assignment which is due really soon after ben and britt leave. so the more i can get done today the better. i was planning on doing some yesterday but that didn't happen cause my friend came and hung out, which was a much nicer way to spend the day. lani likes this show, her face becomes a big smile while she watches it.

blessings on this day. this is going to be a great day, great week, great year. i'm looking forward to getting to the end of the year and having all these stories to share from my year. i hope that i remember to record them, i love reading over them. i think i will start a new journal soon, i haven't finished the old one but i am sick of writting in it, it's a new year and i want to start a new journal. that would be fun. i love journals.

i wrote this line the other day, 'VALUE THE VALUABLE' i think it is a great line, if you value something how are you showing that thing / person that you value them, or are you showing them at all?

side note : i have been on ben, my brothers computer and i haven't been able to figure out how to use the shift key and just now i remembered that it was broken so now i can do things like this with the other shift ket @"? all of these require a shift key :)

well blessings for this day. i'm out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


early morning, laZY lay in bed, full cooked breakfast with the family, clean up, family arrives, eat, chat, play, laugh, eat, eat, eat, tired, eat, watch Borne, eat. I have felt really tired these last couple of days, think i am in need of an early night and some quality time. :) i listened to funny songs this morning like Singing in the rain, Good morning, mary poppins, frank sinatra... makes me feel alive. Lani and I had fun this morning :) i love having thier smiles and giggles around.
choices, everyday faced with choices, what to choose. i think i want to put a dream list for 2010 on my wall to remind me what i am aiming for, what i am moving toward, what i dream for this year, i figure if i write it here i will remember at some stage to do it. i forget things easily which i don;t like.

"Put value on the valuable"

Bonne nuit!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


i have school work to do, walks to take, floors to wash, family to visit with, dogs to feed, teeth to clean and my dog to wash because by golly george he stinks so bad, he's sitting by me sleeping while i watch this movie and he stinks so bad.
choice, what choices will i make this week, where will they lead me, what will they discover, what will they awaken, who will they meet. choices, they wait for us wondering which path we will choose. audrey hepburn, she is beautiful. and elegant. and beautiful. i hear she's sweet. that is the word. i know what that means.

"la vie en rose" look at the world through rose colored glasses. look through the fragrant beauty of creativity of God and imagine what we could see.

Look. choose. life will find you.

new day

what i have learnt over my lifetime really is a jewel. why do i forget this so often.if you focus too closley on the rock you will miss the diamond. if you look too closely at the shell you will miss the pearl. if you gaze to widely into the sky you may miss the stars. if you waist time you may miss the moment.

"I hate girls that giggle all the time" -Audrey Hepburn (Sabrina), i am watching this movie and i just heard these girls giggling outside and thought this very thing that then i heard this line, it made me giggle ;)

tomorrow we are going to the Botanical Gardens. one of my favorite places. i've enjoyed the quiet this evening.