Tuesday, May 17, 2011



Are you in love with someone?
Do you have a crush on someone?
Do they know?
Could you tell them?
Are you THAT brave?

It's a risk.  It could flop. It could fly.  Or maybe it might just make you smile, . . . or cry.

Do you know them?
Do they know you?
Are they a stranger? or a friend?
When will you see them?
How will they know?

That inside your heart you've made room for them, can you let the twinkle in your eye show?

Are you hidden?
Do your feelings flow?
Is it a bumpy ride or smooth sailing the go?
If you don't risk it how will you know?
Maybe you'll hear a resounding NO.
Or a whisper of yes, where the butterflies can return home.

Are you in love? How do you know? Its the beat of your heart that makes clear a foggy road.
So stand up inside.  Open up wide.  You're about to jump ship and see whats on the other side!

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