Sunday, August 8, 2010


They come for a reason, not to entertain us. I get excited when i see feathers, one day when i saw a feather i stopped and asked the Holy Spirit what they Angels were here for. They come for a reason. And sure enough he revealed why they were here and it played out later that day. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and not ignoring the signs, for me is feathers sometimes where i will see one drop right before a significant experience, or situation. If I make the time to stop and turn my ear to the Holy Spirit cause he is wanting us to join with the angels and with him and the angels want to join with us. I am learning that those that inspire me all have a common story, they spent time in the secret place with the father growing in intimacy and from there walk out into thier destiny. I am on a journey of soaking, i want to be in the presence of God. I feel a shift happening.. a shaking.. ;))) i'll keep this thing posted!

rest. peace. intimacy. love. joy. shalom!

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