Friday, May 22, 2009

22 May

okay so i just woke up on this fine day and it is even more foggy than the day before. it is like a winter wonderland. i have been sleeping up stairs so when i wake up i have a good view out the window. i am loving it so much.... for all those countries that are enjoying fog right now aswell like tasmania and new zealand, lucky you....

side note : we are praying that we will go to Scotland for my cousins wedding and then on to America for the birth of my brothers second baby ;)

have a WONDERFUL day.. hope the fog sits on us for a long time.

okay quick story, when i was younger i went away with some of my friends up to a bed and breackfast that my friends grandparents owned, up in the Otway Mountains and up there is amazing amazing fog and so green and beautiful. it was such a fun time, we laughed, made eachother cry.. thats another story, broke a window, saw a seal.... LOVED IT!

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