Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tuesday morning sunshine....

Well today is a beautiful day! the sun is shining and i am going to have a great day. I have to say that my day on Sunday was great. My study was very productive. I watch some Jamie Oliver, I made vegetable soup and plum crumble. I met up with a friend of my grandmothers down at the local store and it was lovely to chat with her. Yesterday, Monday, i had school and I found out that i got 78% on my Biochemistry exam which i was stoked about and then after that class i had my Biology exam so hopefully next week I will find out what i got in that. i feel like i did good. i worked very hard to study for it, so it better have paid off ;). oh and one quick note, i felt like while i was in the exam God kept reminding me of things that i should write down, or showing me what they were really asking in the question and it was really great, felt like team work...
so the picture above is from a Jcrew magazine and this girl i think would have to be my favorite Jcrew model. i think she is really beautiful and i love the styles that they give her..
"we are blessed to be a blessing"

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