Friday, April 17, 2009


something that should be simple and easy enough is having some breakfast every morning. well we had some left over pancake mixture from the night before so i decided that i would cook up some pancakes for breakfast and the mixture had gotten abit too thick and so i add some milk and put the lid on and left it for a bit. i came back to it about 20 minutes later and was going to give it a good shake up and so with a forceful shake of the arm i thrust pancake mixture all over the kitchen because the lid flew off as i shook it. i ended up covered in it and so did the kitchen and even my dog. second later my dog was in the kitchen licking everything he could. he thought it was great, i thought it was disgusting but funny and slightly annoying. so i cleaned everything up, including myself and made some pancakes with the remainder of mixture that was still safe in the container and low an behold it wasn't even that great and i kinda burnt some of them..... next time i might just skip breakfast all together :):) good start to the day i'll say
in a little over an hour i have a friend coming over for a massage :) and then i need to get back to my studying. it seems that my brain has decided that it wants no more information put into it and everytime i try to study today and yesterday it says, "NO MORE INFORMATION" i won;t take anymore... so i need to get my brain to co-operate...
my nan is coming over tonight for tea. she is the greatest nan this world has ever seenn ... i love her

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